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You can find nail paints in almost every house because it is something that almost every woman uses. It is not a part of someone’s makeup. Nail polishes are to nails, what almost salt is like to our daily food. Without it, everything seems bland. There is a plethora of brands and an infinite number of shades to choose...
“If travelling were free, you would probably never see me,” this has been one of the favourite sayings of people who have been bitten by the bug of wanderlust. And honestly, if it were free, you would never want to stay at one place either. But since it is not free, people opt for other options when it comes...
If we had a choice, we would have simply hired someone to do all our housework, saving the world from a huge portion of the unemployment issue at the same time. Cooking, cleaning, maintaining, and what not is, indeed, a lot of work. All we have are 24 hours in a day and still so much to do. Everything...

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