44 DIY Headboard Ideas To Try For Your Next Remodeling

Have you ever had any mental image of a perfect room that you will make for yourself in the house of your dreams? Cozy, welcoming, painted with just the perfect colors and with the most beautiful bed straight from the dreamland, the room will make you sigh. Home-like feeling of the bed combined with the softest mattress is something everyone longs for at the end of the day. But do you know what makes a bed really beautiful? Yes, it’s the headboard! The way it stands out above everything else like a protective guard; the way it blends in with the color of the wall behind it, or with all the walls for that matter. Yes the headboard, right beneath which you place your head for a sound sleep.
Nothing can be as beautiful as a headboard that depicts the personality of the owner without uttering a single word. Some people like it all decorative, while others like it simple but with a clear statement. It’s all a matter of what you like and want to convey to anyone who steps inside your humble abode. Now on this thought, you can either make a dash to your nearest furniture shop, or you can connect with the inner do-it-yourselfer, and make an amazing headboard right in your backyard or the very comfort of your bedroom.
You can enjoy a beautiful headboard for your own independent self, or you can make one that compliments you as a couple. You can also make one as a makeover for the kids’ bedroom or as a show of your innate and incurable wanderlust. And so that you don’t have to rack your brains for ideas to transform your normal everyday headboard into a masterpiece only imagined by those around you, we bring to you the best-of-the-best DIY headboards of all different kinds from around the world.


44 DIY Headboard Ideas

1. Barn Door Headboard

Barn doors give everything an alluring vintage look. And let’s just all agree on one thing, they are just too photogenic. Imagine having a barn door as your headboard. If you can find a door that is around the same width as your bed, it will look unbelievably mesmerizing. Even if not, you can always make one yourself. All it takes a little knowledge of wood and power tools. With all the correct measurements and loads of imagination, you can prepare a stunning masterpiece of a headboard like this one here made by shanty-2-chic

2. Button Tufted Headboard

We have all seen tufted sofas and couches that were just so charming that they melted our hearts. It had always been a mystery to most of us out there about how are these tufts made, but no more. This DIY tutorial by the blogger Involving the senses throws a lot of light on preparing an enchanting button-tufted headboard. Just follow the steps as described and you will have the most adorable headboard ever.

3. Pallet Headboard

Using wood pallets for making beds has been in trend for a long time now. But Rice designs prepared a gorgeous looking headboard using wood pallets. The pallet headboard exudes a very strong air of simplicity but is still very elegant. The wood makes you feel real close to nature, and the best part is, it goes with any color. You don’t have to worry about matching the paint on the wall with the headboard. This again requires some expertise with carpentry, but nothing too complicated.

4. Upholstered Headboard

There has always been a strange attachment of the general populace with upholstered furniture. We all love upholstered chairs simply because the fabric adds a whole new charm to the rather simple piece of furniture. A headboard as an upholstered panel will truly be an eye-candy. The people at HGTV prepared an upholstered headboard using panels, foam, and fabric and it is a delight to see. And what’s best is that it is easy and fast to make.

5. Making A Door Into A Headboard

The bed is indeed a door into a whole new and different world, which we call dreamland for our own convenience. So why not go a step further and convert an old, unused door into a captivating new headboard? Well, even though there are numerous DIY door headboards, this one from Country Living is one of the most captivating ones. Take a look and try your hand at it.

6. Making A Door Into A Headboard-2

Another spectacular design for a headboard made by re-purposing an old door is the one made by Infarrantly Creative, and it takes the trophy away for creativity. If you also happen to have an old and forgotten door (or just like these people, happen to find one somewhere,) then this tutorial is specifically designed for you. Bring out your tools and turn this imagination into a real life beauty.

7. Floral Headboard

If you are one of those people who just love to express every emotion, every feeling, every mood, we have just the perfect idea for your dream headboard. A floral headboard is something rather unimaginable, but it is made possible by this brilliantly easy tutorial, by Design Love Fest. You can now make your own floral headboard following a few simple steps; steps to bring you close to feeling like heaven and surrounded by flowers.

8. Back-lit LED Lighting Accommodated Floating Headboard

If you are wondering what a floating headboard is, it is one that appears to be floating a few inches away from the wall. It looks mysteriously elegant and fascinating. It is hinged to the wall, using supports that jut out of the back of the headboard and are a few inches wide to give it a floating look. You must have also seen in various shows, magazines, and probably in hotels that the headboards have lighting behind the edges that give the entire area a very calm and rather romantic mood. You may have wondered from time to time how you can afford one for your own bedroom. Well, your search ends at this easy and not at all expensive DIY floating headboard by Remove And Replace:

9. Faux Tiled Headboard

A tiled pattern for a headboard? Is that for real? Yes, it is! A faux tile or an artificial tile can easily be accommodated to make a headboard. It is so easy that even small kids will be able to create it, with little precaution. The faux tiles used are made of foam and come already shaped so there’s no hassle of cutting. And they can be joined using simple glue. Also, painting is already a fun job, so no worries at all. One made by Simple C’s is currently everyone’s favorite, so do not forget to try your hand at one:

10. From Mantle To Headboard

Houses with a real fireplace are almost a thing of the past. But we just cannot forget the classy and cozy image these created of the host. And the mantle was a whole different topic of awe-inspiring possessions. With the advent of technology, electric fireplaces and room heaters became more used, and people started cutting mantle pieces out of their house plans; so they have become almost antique now. If you have an antique fireplace that is not wanted anywhere, do not throw it, as it just might prove to be a splendid replacement for a headboard. You must head over to Vintage Revivals to see a DIY tutorial for turning an antique mantle into a beautiful headboard.

11. Chalkboard Wall For Headboard

For those of you who have seen Joseph Gordon Levitt’s romantic comedy “500 days of summer,” you must all remember the picture that he chalks down on his chalkboard wall. That wall was an instant crush of several youngsters and a calling to their stubborn hearts to get one for themselves. Well, it’s a good thing that you can use your chalkboard wall as an ever-changing and ever-beautiful headboard. All that you need is a box of chalk and an imagination capable of running wild at it’s will. For some inspiration and ideas, you can check out the works of Poppytalk.

12. Wingback Headboard

Do you have a bed that has extreme potential but you just don’t know what to do with it? Do you have big dreams about your master bedroom but somehow the bed is always a little less than what you really want out of it? If yes, then this tutorial is tailor-made for you. Wingback headboards are exactly what you are looking for. They are called so because of the extensions, on the side of it, resemble the wings of a butterfly, or a fairy, or maybe both. And it is really easy to make. Once done, it will be a wonderful piece of furniture perfect for the master bedroom. On the topic of how to make it, All Things Thrifty has your back.

13. Love Bird Pallet Headboard

Whether you are single or in a relationship, love birds are just fascinating to everyone. And the image of love birds sitting on a wire is considered extremely cute. If you can get a wall decal of these birds and a couple of wooden pallets, it can prove to be a brilliant idea for a headboard. Cathey with an e made one such picturesque headboard for you all to see and give it a go on your own. So without further ado, get all that you will need to make this angelic headboard.

14. Paneled Headboard

Wall panels are a spectacular idea for home decor and have found their way in almost all parts of interior furnishing programs. So why should the headboards be left behind in the long run? Arranging panels for creating an extraordinary headboard seems like a good idea, right? Well, this DIY tutorial by Evolution of styling boasts of a phenomenal paneled headboard made by the use of MDF boards, which captivates the mind, body, and soul almost instantly.

15. Kids Headboard Tutorial

As kids, one the most magnificent sites used to be a clear sky, shiny twinkling stars and a clear view of the moon, shining in all its glory. And this remains to be an evergreen favorite of children of all generations. This can also be the best idea ever for a child’s headboard. As per the tutorial by the DIY network, you will only need holiday nights and a bunch of glow in the dark stars. Just by looking at the picture you will fall in love with it, and that is enough motivation for you to plan a makeover for the children’s room.

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16. Window Headboard

Grills for the headboards are a part of an old tradition and have been incorporated in them using metal pipes and other structures. They are very alluring and incredibly classy. You can make these grills using wood also, resulting in an overall light-weight and radiant looking headboard. This headboard by Decor and the dog incorporates windows into a rather regular looking grill. So do try your hand at this easy DIY window headboard.

17. Slip Cover For Headboard

If you are a little too incapacitated when it comes to power tools and are a tad bit too lazy to learn carpentry or order stuff and assemble, this one is probably made just for you. So you have an old and rotten piece of headboard, and you don’t feel like getting a new one. Well, time for you to try this slip cover for headboard because it is fun, easy to make and looks extremely adorable. And in this step-by-step tutorial, by Holly Mathis on HGTV, you can even personalize your slip cover with a monogram or your initials.

18. Extra Wide Headboard

A little extra grandeur always goes a long way in creating a perfect image of a person. If doing things on a grand scale is really your thing, then this extra wide headboard by Fabric paper glue is something you should definitely give a try. Things that you might need are wood panels, upholstery fabric, and batting to stuff the fabric with. The end results are worth all the time that you will put into making this headboard, and it adds a very noticeable tone of splendor to the master bedroom.

19. Patterned Headboards

There are always some of us who very easily fall for patterns, and that reflects in our everyday activities. Patterns show that the person has a sense of precision and that is what they are trying to bring into everything they have. That also includes furniture. And furniture eventually includes your stylish headboard. The eHow home blog put up a tutorial, for us curious folk, to make our own patterned headboard. And what’s best is that we can experiment with our very own patterns and create our own personal masterpiece. Here is one pattern that you might like and take inspiration from:

20. Marble Headboard

No, it is not exactly a headboard made of Marble because Marble is a heavy stone and is not a recommended choice for a headboard. This actually is a marble-patterned headboard that you can easily make using a wooden door or plank. All that you need to make a marble pattern is mod podge, which is a glue, sealer, and finisher all in one, and papers with the print that you require on your headboard. Good housekeeping in their article tells you how you can use mod podge to create a wonderful marble pattern on your dreamy headboard.

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21. Rope Headboard

What’s fun about getting inspired to make your own headboard is that you can make-use of just about anything. All you need is your creative side. Even if you have unused rope and leftover plumbing, you can create an ideal headboard for your room. You can make one exactly like the people at Better homes & gardens made. They created a frame with pipes, using joints to connect them. A simple weaving technique was used to create a wonderful pattern similar to the checker one.

22. Rope Headboard-2

Let’s just agree on this; we just can’t get enough of the DIY rope headboards because they are insanely easy to make and captivating. Also because there is no limit, to which we can experiment with patterns and designs using ropes and simple frames. Instead of using clusters of rope together, we can create a statement with a single rope also. Just like this really simple yet fantastic headboard concept by Ninw MSN with a making time of only about 3 hours.

23. Upholstered Headboard With Stripes

Be it clothes, designs or furniture, stripes have never gone out of style. They have come a long way and are certainly here to stay. And incorporating these stripes in your headboard is an exhilarating experience. There are so many ways to go about it, but this one made by From gardeners to bergers is as subtle as it gets, while still maintaining a huge amount of the style that comes with stripes. What further adds is that it is upholstered and can be easily made if you have a bed sheet that you don’t use anymore. It is a little tricky to make, but will only increase the beautiful sophistication of the bedroom of your dreams.

24. Wrought Iron Headboard

Did you just redo your garden? Or replaced the old fencing because you wished for some change? Or maybe replaced a portion with a newer one because it developed a fault? In any situation, you are now left with wrought iron fencing that is of no use to anyone. Well, before you make up your mind about going from shop to shop to try to sell it, you can make use of that fence to create the perfect wrought iron headboard to resemble the grills of the old-age beds. Yes, you can restore old and unused fences or simply buy one from the market, just like Ashton from Nickels and Dimes did, as he writes in his tutorial. These wrought iron headboards give a strong feeling of royalty and a chance to relive the old days.

25. Storage Headboard

A bed is a place where you have the full liberty to be as lazy as a sloth. And it is a given that lazy people tend to keep everything within a reaching distance. If you are one of those, here is a thrilling idea for you. How about a headboard with sections to store stuff in? These spaces can also double as a showcase for all the decorative pieces that you possess. Better homes & gardens created one such masterpiece of a headboard us.

26. Use Your Noodle Headboard

This happens to be another brilliant idea for the kids’ bedroom. You can put all those pool noodles to use that have been sitting in the storage for a very long time. Or you can simply buy them and use them to make this cute headboard by Spoonful. The kids are surely going to love it. What’s even better is that these are safe for the children in all sorts of manner. Even your kids could make this headboard with proper adult supervision. You can totally experiment with this headboard and match it with the colors of the room that it is going to be set up in.

27. Ruffled Headboard

Ruffles are utterly beautiful. They are the best kind of scenic beauty coming out of something so disorderly. Ruffled skirts, tablecloth, and dresses are now followed by ruffled headboard. A very elegant idea, ruffled headboard does not require much in terms of preparation. Just simple knowledge of stitching is demanded, and that is about it. It will not even go out of your budget; it’s that easy and inexpensive. This tutorial by Homemaker on a dime will guide you through the process of making one for yourself.

28. Fabric Headboard

This is an another brilliant idea to implement for your master bedroom. This fabric headboard made by Brooke Ulrich of All things thrifty is the realization of words like classy or elegant, even exquisite. She made it using boards of equal sizes and then upholstering them using printed fabrics. She also used the same pattern for all the boards and then arranged them the way that she wanted. As brilliant as an idea it is, it also makes us wish for a similar headboard. Well, you can read the DIY tutorial of this fabric headboard and make one for yourself. It will add a certain charm to your master bedroom.

29. Stikwood Headboard (Ikea Hack)

Everyone just loves Ikea furniture for the kind of quality and uniqueness they have to offer. And even more people are fans of Ikea hacks; to try and make the Ikea designs at their very homes. Stikwoods are finished wood pieces that come with adhesive on the backside for quick use. They are used for forming decorative layers on rather plain surfaces. You can use these wooden pieces for creating your very own headboard without using any nail or screw on the wall. All you need is Ikea headboard and Stikwoods, and you got yourself a new headboard. More information on how to make it on Sugar & Cloth.

30. Rustic Headboard With Lights

Simple, elegant, belonging to the countryside; that is the meaning of the word rustic. A rustic headboard has the look of the days that might remind you of your grandparents’ room and make you nostalgic. Perhaps that is the one reason why you might want to make one. Making one out of wood would be an even better choice. And with the proper lighting, it has the potential to look out-of-this-world kind of beautiful. This tutorial of a DIY rustic headboard by Live your goals integrates the lighting option within the design to act as night lamps. If you are a fan of rustic designs, this is one you should try.

31. Headboard Shelf Makeover

A small section of people have shelves instead of headboards, and honestly, it happens to be a handy option. You can decorate it with pictures, flower pots, vases or just about anything that suits your fancy. But if you have a bed that’s a little too low, as compared to the positioning of your shelf, the empty space between the shelf and the bed may look really dull. So what to do? Well, you can begin by taking a leaf out of Robin’s book. She updated this tutorial on her blog Happy At Home to turn her boring shelf headboard into something awe-inspiring.

32. Wood Block Headboard

Nothing works better than wood when it comes to headboards. If you want to experiment with a new headboard idea, but you are on a shortage of wood, you can cut blocks of equal size out of the available wood, and use them as tiles or blocks to make your graceful and attractive headboard. Blogger Flipping the flip created this astonishing headboard only by cutting blocks of wood of equal sizes, glue them together and then mounting them on the wall using brackets. The result is unexpected but is equally fascinating.

33. Herringbone Headboard

Patterns, again, make an appearance in our everyday life. One such pattern is the herringbone pattern, which we see in the arrangement of rectangular shapes like tiles in the pavement or the floor, and sometimes in clothes too. They are so called because they resemble the arrangement of the bones of a fish. And with proper measurements and precision, you can bring the herringbone pattern on your headboard. You need to cut rectangular pieces of same sizes. You can try your hand at it by following this DIY post, about a vertical herringbone headboard by Sew much ado. You can, however, either choose to paint it or not, depending on whether you want the wood’s original pattern.

34. Herringbone Headboard-2

If you do not find the vertical herringbone attractive, you can try and experiment with horizontal herringbone. It adds a certain fluidity to the headboard’s design. Again, this requires a steady and precise hand in carpentry. All you need are rectangular blocks and a wood ply to glue them onto. You can paint the blocks according to your liking to make further patterns, just like this one at I Spy DIY

35. House Headboard

Your bed is your safe place, a haven, and the gateway to your dreamland. It is a given that you find it to be the best thing of your home. And you would certainly want it to look the part too. Hence, it all comes down to your headboard, because that is the only part of the bed that matters to the eyes. Keeping that in mind, the dutch magazine vtwonen published this photo of a headboard, in the shape of a traditional hut. And this inspired the people at Remodelaholic to crack the code of this house headboard and bring us all a step closer to making it a reality in the very comfort of our homes.

36. Stars And Cloud Headboard

We still stick to the fact that a child loves nothing more than a view of a night sky. Using this fact, we present to you guys another idea for a headboard of the children’s room. This head board is a part of the series called “A bedroom fit for a young king of his castle” by Funky Junk Interiors. The headboard is made with the use of holiday lights from Ikea and is a mere illusion created by the same. Add to these some clouds made of wall paneling, and you got yourself an ultra tall headboard for your kid, all in less than 30 minutes. The overall look is of surrealism and will be an endearing childhood memory for your kids to cherish.

37. The Pink Upholstered Headboard

For all you girls out there who have a thing for a pink, and to all those parents who want to decorate the room for their young daughters, there happens to be a cute and easy-to-do idea for a headboard. You can make an all-pink upholstered headboard with a nail trim for the girl’s bedroom. You need power tools, fabric, batting and the knowledge of carpentry. This pink headboard made by The Ragged Wren is chic and breathtakingly beautiful. It is a worth a try for all that you have in mind for the room.

38. Velvet Tufted Headboard

Velvet and tufting? Now, that are two of the most fascinating things out there for any do-it-yourselfer, mashed in together. We have swooned over the touch and feel of velvet beneath our fingers or over our skin. And it is safe to say that we have already established our love for tufts. This tutorial of a DIY velvet tufted headboard prepared by Place of my taste is something we are itching to try, and so should you.

39. Curtain Headboard

Curtains in the bedroom remind us of those classic screen moments where the blinds are drawn, and fresh sunlight seeps into the room. They have been known to add a certain charm to the bedroom. But you can also use curtains as a replacement for your headboard, without the loss of any splendor. All you need to do is to put up a bar to hang your curtains above your bed, or shift your bed to where the curtains are. You can experiment with colors and styles all you want, just like in this DIY article by Amber Interior where they have used a simple sheer curtain as their headboard.

40. Colorful Rustic Headboard Wall

A headboard is the center of attraction in a bedroom, and therefore, requires due attention so as to elevate the charm, and make it remarkable and memorable. But what if you already have a headboard and due to any reason, can’t change it? Fear not people. You can still create something to make a jaw-dropping first impression on people who visit you for the first time. You can make a headboard wall. It is simply a headboard that covers the entirety of the wall behind the bed. Kristianne from Pearl Pinstripes and Peanut Butter made one such rustic, colorful headboard wall, and we are going head over heels for it already.

41. Reclaimed Wood Headboard With New Wood

Reclaimed wood is the wood that is recycled for use in a different structure. It is used because it is available at cheaper rates. Also, the most common use of reclaimed wood, nowadays, is for flooring purposes. But reclaimed wood can also be used for making furniture, for example, a headboard, which with proper staining, looks really elegant. AKA Design gave the reclaimed wood look on their DIY new wood headboard. They also went ahead and decorated it to send out a clear statement with their headboard.

42. Wood Round Headboard

People do all sorts of things to bring in a touch of nature into their lives, and their rooms too. While some plant pots on the sills of their bedroom windows, others use creepers as a form natural decoration. But thanks to The White Buffalo we now have another way of bringing a little of nature’s beauty directly into our rooms, and onto our beds. The wood round headboard makes use of the thin round sections of a tree’s trunk. They are glued on a plywood. Just by looking at it you get the feeling of being in the lap of nature. Just imagine having it in your bedroom and waking up to it everyday. Right? We understand that, and so would recommend you to give this a try for sure.

43. Light up Headboard

Dim lights in the bedroom have always been loved by people worldwide. And we saw a few examples of headboard for kids that used holiday lights. But no, they are not specifically meant for the children. Adults also love headboards with dim or holiday lights on them that can double as night lamps. This DIY blog post of a headboard with lights by A Beautiful Mess will touch your heart and make you want a similar headboard. It requires very less in terms of tools and can be prepared before you hit the bed.

44. Headboard Decals

We saw a range of headboards, some of which were difficult, while others were easy to create. Some were expensive, while others were very pocket friendly. But what if someone does not want to recycle stuff or make a headboard on his/her own altogether. Well, there is a solution to that too. You need to exercise your brain and get the creative juices flowing a little bit, so you get a clear image of what you want as your headboard. The simpler solution is to buy headboard decals for your wall and paste them where you want your bed. These decals from Etsy and Beautiful wall decals are two of the numerous wall decals that you can buy off the Internet for a very low price.

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